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Braves daily news digest 12/15: John Hart recognizes Braves aren't '27 Yankees

Come into this post for the best baseball-related picture of a dog you'll ever see.

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Braves news

Hart: ‘It’s not like I’m breaking up the ’27 Yankees’

Braves President of Baseball Ops and apparent best friend of the media John Hart talked to the AJC's Jeff Schultz about the team's offseason moves thus far. Hart acknowledged that some decisions have been questioned by fans, but pretty much said why not, given how last year went:

"We had a tough year, and I know there was a lot of speculation about us going into this winter," Hart said. "We had the 29th-ranked farm system in baseball. We had some bad contracts. Everybody felt there would be some players we would definitely unload — become a seller, if you will. But we’ve never felt like there was something we had to do. Obviously we’re contractually obligated to some players who aren’t performing well. But just because 2017 is coming, it doesn’t mean we’re going to throw a hand grenade on the club and blow it up. That wouldn’t guarantee success for 2017, either."

Curaçao becomes unlikely supplier of major league players

Surely we all remember the heartwarming story of how Andrelton Simmons grew up idolizing fellow countryman Andruw Jones, but we may not know that much about the country that produced such talents. The New York Times has a lovely look at just how Curaçao has become such a hotspot.

MLB News

Melky Cabrera signs with the White Sox

By far my least favorite Brave of all time Melky Cabrera signed a three-year, $42-$43.5 million deal with Chicago. I have no words other than the day his suspension was announced I was in the Dallas airport and cackled like an idiot and it was glorious. And also he remains the worst.

Santa Hank spreads holiday cheer

Milwaukee used Hank, the dog the Brewers rescued during spring training, and his preciousness to make even more people happy this December, as he visited the Wisconsin Humane Society to help other pups get adopted. I can't even at his face:

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