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Braves daily news digest 12/22: John Hart reacts to Justin Upton trade

Braves President John Hart reacts to the Justin Upton trade and other news and notes from around Major League Baseball.

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Braves News

Hart sees major value in newly acquired prospects

Atlanta Braves President John Hart sits down for a Q&A session with's Mark Bowman and discusses a variety of topics including Atlanta's return from the Justin Upton trade.

It was a depth trade. It really helped our system. It might help us short term with Jace Peterson. As we go forward, we picked up what we think are four really good players. In addition, we gained a little more of the international money. We've signed eight guys already with the [$800,000 received via a trade with the Cubs in November]. We've got three more guys we want to get and we were running short on cash. I think this will help us.

MLB News

St. Louis Cardinals trade: Jason Heyward and negotiating windows

An in depth look at Jason Heyward's contract situation by Ben Humphrey over at Viva El Birdos. Cardinals fans naturally are already discussing signing Heyward long term to a team-friendly deal. However, as was the case in Atlanta, would Heyward consider such a deal this close to free agency?

Padres, Phillies have discussed Cole Hamels trade

The San Diego Padres have been the busiest team of the offseason and are reportedly considering flipping the newly acquired Wil Myers to Philadelphia for starting pitcher Cole Hamels.

The wild offseason of the amazing Padres

Speaking of the Padres, SB Nation's Grant Brisbee takes a look at San Diego's wild offseason.

This offseason, though. This incredible, maniacal, unexpected offseason. I'm not sure I agree with every move the Padres have made and are planning to make. But this Padres team is a presence on the offseason. They're affecting everything. They're bidding up free agents and making wild trades. The old Padres were Charlie Brown, forever losing and mumbling "I can't stand it" with their heads down. The new Padres still might get their Sopwith Camel shot up, but at least they're tangling with the Red Baron.

Phillies tell Ryan Howard they're better off without him

Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro speaking on a radio interview admitted that he had told first baseman Ryan Howard that the team "was better off without him."

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