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Braves Support Venezuela

El Oso Blanco joins the Braves' Latin Americans in support of student protestors in Venezuela.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

You may or may not be aware of the turmoil going on in Venezuela at the moment, but the Braves' Venezuelans and other Latin American players know all about it. Luis Avilan, Freddy Garcia, Eddie Perez, Luis Salazar and others took part in a little support photo shoot, with signs saying they are with the student protesters in Venezuela and to not give up.

This isn't to necessarily make a political statement either way, but I thought it was a nice note that all these guys came together in support of a pretty big movement in Venezuela.

Also, perhaps most important, is Evan Gattis lurking there at the bottom. Gattis, of course, got his famous El Oso Blanco nickname while playing in the Venezuelan winter league.

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