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Talking Chop adds two new writers!

New additions to the Talking Chop team are ready to start contributing. Welcome them to the team!

Scott Cunningham

A few weeks ago we posted that we are looking for some eager writers and fans to write for Talking Chop. We got a ton of applications, and I cannot say how great it was to see that so many people want to contribute to this site. It was great to see how many people are willing to take time out of their day to help make this a better place for everyone.

With that said, we chose two candidates we thought exemplified exactly what we were looking for. That is not to say there weren't a lot of others who we thought would fit in great here, but we only had a few spots open. We are always looking for new writers so please do not think us not taking you on at this time is any slight against you.

The two writers are Demetrius Bell and Patrick Maccoon. I had both send me a short bio about themselves so that you can get to know them a bit before they start contributing. You'll see them both posting a lot in the mornings and covering news throughout the week.


My name is Demetrius Bell, and you can most likely find me on twitter rambling on about random observations, occasionally touching on the sports teams that I love (mostly my historically sadsack Atlanta Hawks/Falcons/Silverbacks/Thrashers & Mississippi State Bulldogs football), with the first love being the Atlanta Braves. My very first memory of Braves baseball was Sid Bream’s legendary slide into baseball lore in the 1992 NLCS. I was a few days away from my 4th birthday & although it’s impossible for me to say that I’ve been a proper fan since that age, it’s definitely been a love affair since that moment. Needless to say, I’m thrilled about having the opportunity to join the team here at Talking Chop, especially considering I’ve been a long-time lurker of the website, so it’ll be great to actually join in & share whatever I can with you guys.

You can find some more of my writing at (where I help cover logo & uniform news) & (where we talk about sports and such). You can find my tweets at, where, once again, I’ve been known to ramble a bit but if you want to talk, give me a mention and I’ll almost always hit you back. Once again, I’m glad to have the opportunity to contribute to what I feel is already the best Braves blog on the internet, and I’m ready to have some fun and, of course, Talk some Chop.


Ever since I attended my first baseball game at Fulton County Stadium— in its last year of existence—I’ve been an avid Atlanta Braves follower. In fact, the first pack of baseball cards I bought held within a game-used jersey card of future Hall of Fame third basemen Chipper Jones. Growing up I enjoyed watching the Braves on TBS and with my hometown of Chattanooga just being a little under a two hour trip from the stadium I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve chopped away in Atlanta. Long story short, baseball has always been my passion.

Over the past three years I’ve been writing for my school paper at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and have covered every major sport there is including several of the Volunteers baseball games. In my time here I have been fortunate enough to interview players such as Candace Parker, Justin Hunter, Pat Summitt and many other well-known athletes and coaches.

I look forward to bringing Braves fans the best coverage around, as we at Talking Chop want to give our viewers up to date analysis and reliable coverage on one of the most respected franchises in all of professional baseball. Go Braves!

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