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Braves spring training: Who should be the fifth starter?

You decide who should be the last man in the rotation

Scott Cunningham

With Kris Medlen likely out for the year, and Brandon Beachy, Mike Minor, and Ervin Santana likely being delayed a week or two due to various circumstances, the rotation will probably look a bit odd coming out of spring training.

We know Julio Teheran will be there, barring injury, on opening day. Alex Wood has essentially been given a spot by default although we were expecting him to come in and have to compete. Same thing for Freddy Garcia. David Hale would be next in line, and the Braves can get by without a fifth starter until April 12th, as off days between games can give Teheran and Wood three starts split between four days rest. That coincides with when the Braves expect Santana and Minor back, but that's a long ways away, literally a month away, so things can certainly change between now and then.

When those two join the rotation, we can reasonably assume that the top four in the rotation will be Julio Teheran, Mike Minor, Ervin Santana, and Alex Wood. That depth then comes into handy, as there are three qualified candidates for the fifth starter spot. The question is, and you can answer below in our poll, who do you want to land the fifth starter spot -- Freddy Garcia, David Hale, or Brandon Beachy?

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