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Evan Gattis had knee surgery in October

Gattis had bone debris floating around in his knee, and we just found out he got it removed last year.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Gattis, projected starting catcher for the Braves this season, just revealed to the AJC today that he had knee surgery back in October.

Gattis had surgery to remove dime-sized bone debris "floating around" in his right knee since 2006 since. Gattis had surgery on the same knee back in college.

Gattis had yet to catch back-to-back starts until yesterday, and now we know why. He's been on a restricted workload as the Braves get him back into form after the surgery he had a week after the Braves lost in the 2013 NLDS.

“It should be fine,” Gattis told the AJC Friday. “It’s just a matter of watching it. I ice both knees every day, just because. So they won’t get swollen or sore. It’s preventive. A routine to be able to play next day.”

It seems like his recovery is on the right track, but this is some more potentially troubling news for Braves fans.

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