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Doumit, Freeman exit game with hand contusions

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Ryan Doumit and Freddie Freeman both left today's game against the Yankees with hand contusions.

Stacy Revere

In yet another cruel bit of injury news from Braves Spring Training, both catcher/outfielder Ryan Doumit and first baseman Freddie Freeman have left today's game against the New York Yankees in Tampa with hand injuries, which were later diagnosed as contusions.

Doumit's injury was sustained during the bottom of the second inning, when a pitch thrown by Julio Teherán was fouled off by Yankees DH Pete O'Brien directly onto what appeared to be the back of Doumit's exposed right hand. Doumit immediately departed to the clubhouse, being replaced by Christian Bethancourt, and appeared to be in a considerable amount of pain. As Jim Powell reports above, Doumit will need to undergo x-rays as a result of the injury to determine whether or not he sustained any broken bones.

It wasn't immediately clear what happened to Freeman, as he was replaced in the top of the 3rd inning by Ernesto Mejía as a pinch-hitter. However, Jim Powell's tweet seems to suggest that Freeman sustained an injury to his left, non-throwing thumb as a result of a batted ball during the bottom of the second inning. His departure from the game seemed to be mostly precautionary, fortunately. His injury does not appear to be as significant as Doumit's, as he will reportedly not undergo x-ray testing, but it will still be something to monitor.

We'll be sure to bring you the latest news as it pertains to these two newest injuries sustained in a horribly unlucky spring for the Braves, so be sure to stay tuned to Talking Chop for any updates.


Carroll Rogers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the x-rays on Doumit's contused finger were negative, so it appears that the Braves have dodged a bullet with today's injuries, as both are solely contusions. We will continue to monitor Doumit and Freeman's status as the season approaches.