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Braves sign Aaron Harang

Harang has a career 4.28 ERA. He hasn't been very good since 2009.

The Braves have reportedly signed Aaron Harang just a few hours after releasing Freddy Garcia and the $1.5 million roster bonus he was due on opening day. The contract details are yet to be released.

Harang, 36, has a career 4.28 ERA, 4.19 FIP and 2.67 K/BB ratio over 1,945 innings. Garcia, 38, has a career 4.15 career ERA, 4.30 FIP and 2.29 K/BB ratio over 2,264.

I don't really understand the move. Harang hasn't had a decent season since 2009, and his ERA since 2010 is 4.42. Other than the Veteran Presents he'll bring, it's tough to see much of an upside here, especially when the guy didn't even pitch well enough this spring to be the Indians' fifth starter.

With a little bit of luck (and health), Mike Minor, Ervin Santana and Gavin Floyd are all ready to go within a couple of weeks, and Atlanta won't really have a need for Harang anymore.

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