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Ervin Santana explains #SmellBaseball

Why exactly does Santana use that interesting hashtag?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

We've been over this before. Ervin Santana is a great guy who really loves baseball. But the most interesting thing so far about him as a Brave, besides his dominance on the mound, is some of the hashtags he uses on twitter.

Most of them make sense (at one point he used #LOVEHITTING!!! after a successful day at the plate, which was probably the best). But #SMELLBASEBALL? What does that even mean?!

Merissa Lynn at Atlanta's FOX 5 actually spoke to Santana and his teammates about it. Chris Johnson, Alex Wood and David Hale seemed as confused as I did, until Ervin really cleared it up:

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To sum it up, "If you don't feel any passion for the baseball, you're not going to smell it." Makes sense, I suppose. Whatever works for him to continue his great season so far, right?

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