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Braves drop fourth in a row, lose to Giants 2-1

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In his season debut, Mike Minor pitched a heck of a ballgame, but Atlanta's situational hitting disappointed yet again. A couple of solo homers by the Giants were enough to hand the Braves their fourth straight loss by a final score of 2-1.

The Giants welcomed Minor back rather rudely when Angel Pagan homered on the second pitch of the game. Minor would keep the Giants offense in check after that, scattering five singles after Pagan's home run.

Freddie Freeman's vision continued to plague him in the fifth, but he was able to put wood on Tim Lincecum's 3-2 pitch and drive in the tying run with a single following a leadoff walk. It didn't take long before the Giants retook the lead in the sixth, however, when Michael Morse lofted a home run to right.

The Atlanta offense continued to be unreliable in the most crucial of situations. Freeman's single was the team's only hit in nine RISP at-bats, and the Braves left 12 on base. They teased a comeback in the ninth only for Justin Upton to take a called third strike to end the game.

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Source: FanGraphs