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Four game sweep concluded as Red Sox beat Braves late

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On to the next one

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

That was about as rough a series I remember the Braves playing in a while. Not only did they lose four in a row to a team that just lost 10 in a row, but they blew numerous late inning leads in order to do so.

Mike Minor gave them a good chance this ballgame with another quality seven inning performance.the defense let him down big time, most notably B.J Upton and Tommy La Stella missing catches that led to the tying and winning runs respectively. The Braves offense is not good enough to have lackluster bullpen and defensive play, which is what they got all series long.

Upton's error came on an A.J Pierzynski line drive to center, and while it was mce to see David Carpenter, Luis Avilan, and Craig Kimbrel avoid giving the Red Sox a lead despite Boston having first and third with no out, the game tying run scoring was nearly as deflating.

Jason Heyward hit his second home run in three games, which is definitely a good sign. One positive to take out of the series is that he may be about to go on a year and he is a sparkplug up top when he is on. Freddie Freeman and Evan Gattis added RBI hits and Andrelton Simmons went two for four.

On to the next one.