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Floyd activated, Thomas sent to Gwinnett, Santana to miss next start

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Gavin Floyd will start Tuesday night in his Braves debut

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Gavin Floyd has been activated and will make his Braves debut on Tuesday evening against the Cardinals. To make room for Floyd, Ian Thomas has been sent down to Gwinnett. The ultimate decision on whether Floyd is a starter or reliever for now is still undetermined, as he is simply filling in for Ervin Santana who is forced to miss his start due to an issue with his thumb. Santana will start Saturday against the Cubs instead.

The Braves were forced to activate Gavin Floyd today rather than Tuesday due to the rules around disabled list rehabilitation stints. Because of this, the Braves will be one short in the bullpen today against the Giants with Alex Wood on the hill.

If Wood struggles, it is certainly possible that he gets either sent down to Gwinnett to limit his innings or put on the "mystery disabled list." We will obviously continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated on what decisions end up being made.