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Braves Daily News Digest: 6/19

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Kevin Liles

Phillies Sweep Braves With 10-5 Victory In Finale

I don't want to say much about this because if I do it'll basically take up this entire thing, so I'll keep it short and sweet: Ryan Howard will probably name a future son "Turner," Aaron Harang's golden carraige turned into a pumpkin, and that entire series was a hot mess. A. Hot. Mess.

Why Is Uggla Still Here?

Our very own Dan Simpson has a question that was burning deep down in his soul. It's a very difficult question, and one that hasn't been answered yet. The question is, "Why Is Dan Uggla Still An Atlanta Brave?" From the piece:

The Braves finally realized they were only hurting the team by letting Dan Uggla start. So when will they realize that they are only hurting the team by letting him hang around...He can't hit and he can't field. As long as the team continues to carry him on the roster, they will continue to field, in essence, 24 players.

J-Up Misses Wednesday's Matinee Due To Dizziness

After leaving Tuesday's night contest because of feelings of dizziness and light-headedness, Justin Upton sat out Wednesday's contest. In a bit of concerning news, it was reported that he was still feeling dizzy after yesterday's game. Carroll Rogers of the AJC also reported that J-Up is hoping to be back to "feeling like [himself]" in the next couple of days.

TLS Goes 0-4 In First Game As Leadoff Hitter

With Justin Upton unavailable due to "dizziness," and some other bats out of the lineup for a day of rest before the trip to D.C., this obviously meant that this was a chance for Tommy La Stella to move up in the lineup. He moved up, alright, and he moved all the way to the leadoff spot. Reportedly, Fredi Gonzalez might give TLS a "long look" in the leadoff spot. Here's hoping that it goes better than it did yesterday, which is when TLS went 0-4. Jason Heyward, by the way, hit fifth.

Venters Will Need More Time To Rest Following Injection

As he continues his long, winding journey back to the Braves bullpen following a 2nd Tommy John surgery, Jonny Venters made a visit to Dr. James Andrews to check on his elbow after he felt soreness following a session last week. Andrews determined that Venters' elbow is sound, which is obviously good news. Dr. Andrews also gave him a platelet-rich injection to help with the soreness, which is bad news because Venters now has to rest for 3-5 weeks before he can throw again. The wait continues.

Gattis Extends Hit Streak To 17

Wedensday, Evan Gattis went into the game as the holder of the longest hit streak by a catcher in Atlanta Braves history, with the record being 16 consecutive games with a hit. He extended that streak on the first chance he got by hitting a 2-run homer off of Fausto Carmona in the bottom of the 4th. Since late May, Gattis has hit .391/.447/.783 with 8 HRs, 240 wRC+, and an ISO of .391.


Kershaw Throws Masterful No-Hitter

To paraphrase a line from famous wordsmith Jay Jenkins, "Last time I checked, Clayton Kershaw was The Man in these streets," and he proved it by throwing an absolute beauty of a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies. Kershaw struck out 15, and the only reason why there was a baserunner is because Hanley Ramirez committed an error. Other than that, Kershaw was perfect as he threw one of the more dominant no-no's that you'll ever see. It's the 2nd no-hitter thrown by a Dodger this season, but you probably won't see a better one from anyone else this season, Dodger or not.

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So, today's dour exhibition of baseball at the Ted had me feeling really down on baseball. As I was slumped in my seat and bumming on baseball, some news broke on my Twitter feed. The news was that Bartolo Colon had hit a double. I needed video proof. I got it. Not only did he hit a double, he hit a stand-up double. Babe Ruth has returned and he goes by the name of Bartolo Colon. Baseball is awesome.

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Matheny, Cardinals Actually Take Brewers ASG Attack Ad Seriously

In case you missed it, the Brewers have started up a campaign to get Johnathan Lucroy into the All-Star Game, and they've done so by using a medium that is normally irritating when used in its primary purpose: The political commercial. The obviously-facetious "attack ad" focused on the fact that Yadier Molina is a St. Louis Cardinal and that there have been too many Cardinals in the ASG so why not put in Lucroy since he's a Brewer. Everybody took it in good fun. Everybody except for Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. From Yahoo's Big League Stew:

It was really quite harmless, yet the Cardinals camp, and more specifically manager Mike Matheny, were not amused by the video and have since expressed their displeasure.

Buzz Killington thinks that the Cardinals need to chill out.

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