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Gavin Floyd broke his elbow

According to the x-rays, Gavin Floyd broke his olecranon

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The olecranon is the tiny bone at the end of your elbow. Many MMA fighters use it to gash their opponents forehead as the bone itself is usually one of the sharper bones on the body. Unfortunately after throwing six great innings today in an important game against the Nationals, Gavin Floyd broke his and I would expect that to be the end of his season, but I could be wrong.

Floyd was much better than anticipated. His ERA of 2.65 was terrific and he was adapting well to being in the National League and in a more pitcher friendly stadium than he was used to.

As Floyd was on a one year deal, this stands to be a good chance that tonight was his last night in a Braves uniform. I hope I am wrong, but I would be pretty surprised if I was.

The Braves will likely have Alex Wood come up from the minors to fill in as the fifth man and David Hale will be the insurance policy.

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