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Series Recap: Braves at Astros

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Oh well, two of three isn't bad. It's what you shoot for anyway. The Braves didn't have a whole lot of trouble winning the series as they received quality starts out of Aaron Harang and Alex Wood; Mike Minor, not so much.

Even with his 11-strikeout performance against Washington, Minor has a 7.36 ERA over his last four starts. That's a bit troubling, so let's hope he can right the ship sooner rather than later.

I'm glad to see Alex Wood pick up where he left off before he went to the bullpen. He now owns a 2.60 ERA as a starter compared to 4.70 as a reliever, and his starting ERA is only that high because of one bad outing in Miami. I know which one I prefer.

Tommy La Stella was 0-10 and is 2-34 since June 17.

Before the series began, it was announced that Fredi would be using B.J. Upton out of the leadoff spot. Most (if not all) of us lambasted the decision, preferring someone who could hit and actually had an OBP over .300. B.J. entered the series hitting .202 with an OBP of .272. The series is over, and he was 3-12 with a home run. That's not horrible, but forgive me if I don't get excited. I still prefer Jason Heyward in that spot over B.J. Heyward, by the way, was 1-8 with three walks.

In addition, he and brother Justin homered in the opening game for the fourth time, tying a major league record. Justin also homered in the second game and was 4-11 with four RBI in the series.

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