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Braves trade rumors: David Price favors move to Atlanta

Price wants Atlanta, Atlanta surely wants Price, it isn't happening.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

David Price is widely assumed to be on his way out of Tampa Bay before the trade deadline. Tampa Bay is a non-contender, Price only has one more year on his deal after this season, the Rays are poor, yes he is definitely leaving. Since Price is one of the best pitchers in baseball and definitely getting traded, the fans of every contending team would love to imagine the dominant lefty putting on their team's shirt for the rest of the year leading their team to a World Series trophy, signing a lifetime contract, and founding a dynasty not seen since the Ruth/Dimaggio/Mantle Yankees.

Well guess what delusional Braves fan who thinks this could be us? Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has anonymous information, with no quotes or attribution saying Price would love to wear a tomahawk hat for the rest of the season. The money quote:

"Rumor has it that if the Rays were to deal him, he'd most prefer the Atlanta Braves, which is the team closest to Tennessee, and that he'd least prefer teams that are far away. Geography seems to count for Price."

There you have it folks. Price would love to play in Atlanta because they are the team closest to his home town. Now Price may indeed like the idea of playing in Atlanta. Heyman doesn't provide any source for his information he just says "rumor has it" whatever that means. Did someone close to the team tell him this? Price's agent? Did Heyman have a transcendental experience while indulging in newly legal forms of relaxation at a Rockies game? Heyman doesn't specify.

Regardless of whether Heyman's information is accurate, Price isn't coming to Atlanta because he isn't a free agent and the Rays aren't going to accept a thousand signed copies of Jeff Francouer's "The Natural" SI cover in exchange for their prized asset. The Rays are the most cost conscious team in baseball and have no interest in trading Price for players already in the majors. They want prospects and they want elite prospects. The Rays will want any negotiation to start with a package like the one the Cubs got for Jeff Samardzija which included top ten prospect in baseball Addison Russell. The Braves only have prospects on the fringes of the top 100 and that won't even get Frank Wren on the phone with Tampa Bay.

Life is not a movie in which you are the star. Just because a player who could really help Atlanta is on the trade block doesn't mean he is coming to Atlanta. Other teams exist and most of them could top any offer Atlanta would make. Do yourself a favor and ignore rumors like this, you will be much happier in the long run.

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