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Jason Heyward named Defensive Player of the Month by ESPN

Mike Zarrilli

My old stomping grounds over at the ESPN Sweet Spot blog votes on monthly on the best defensive player in the game. This month Jason Heyward won the voting.

Heyward tied for the major league lead with eight Defensive Runs Saved in June. He was credited with six "Good Fielding Plays" (think Web-Gem nominees), all for terrific catches, and went the entire month without a Defensive Misplay or error.

While he likely won't make the All-Star game, there should be a spot on the team for a guy who provides so much value defensively in a key position. While right field may not be shortstop or centerfield, it is still an integral part of a team's defense and to be quite honest Heyward is one of the best defensive, if not the best, right fielders that I have ever seen.

Currently, Heyward is 16th in all of MLB in WAR due to his incredible defense and solid skills on the bases. He has been just a bit above average offensively, but his skills everywhere else make him one of the more valuable players in the league and, so far, the most valuable member of a first place team.

Congrats to Heyward, who is well on his way to a Gold Glove award and potentially even a Platinum Glove as long as he stays on the field.



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