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Did the Braves almost trade B.J. Upton at trade deadline?

Ken Rosenthal drops an interesting tidbit of news, suggesting B.J. and a starting pitcher were almost traded last week.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Braves had a relatively quiet trade deadline compared to other teams. They added a solid utility player in Emilio Bonifacio and a decent lefty in James Russell, though they were never seriously tied to anyone else.

Or were they?

According to Ken Rosenthal, who is usually pretty good about not making a fool of himself when it comes to rumors – looking at you Jim Bowden, aka Jim Bowdiv, aka Ralph – the Braves were in discussions with an unnamed team to trade B.J. Upton and a starting pitcher at the deadline to "shake things up." Rosenthal mentioned the pitcher would've been Mike Minor or Ervin Santana.

The whole report from Rosenthal was thin on details, but it's still very interesting nonetheless. He said the Braves didn't make the trade because of the return they would've gotten.

Someone asked Mark Bowman about the "rumors":

Either way, we're sure to hear more on potential Upton deals over the next six months. Actually, this whole upcoming offseason is going to be very interesting, but that's a discussion for another day.

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