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Braves Daily News Digest: 8/10

Not exactly a morning edition, but who doesn't like a lazy Sunday? Also, that dude ran on the field during a rain delay. Come on, son.

Scott Cunningham

Braves Lose Another Late Game, This Time On The East Coast

Maybe the Braves just aren't built to be playing games at what would be bedtime for most working people. The game was delayed before a pitch was even thrown due to weather, and there were many speculating that game would be postponed. Instead, the game started at 11 and, after the Braves lost 4-1 in extras, ended at 2:29 AM. As far as the game itself was concerned, the Braves' bats were impotent, and the weak exhibition of offense cost them as the Nats were able to string together hits late while our awesome leadoff hitter struck out 3 times. So yeah, typical "west coast" game for the Braves.

Harper Sullies Braves Logo Behind Home Plate

Noted Braves villain Bryce Harper committed one of the worst sins one could possibly do on a baseball diamond during last night's game. Did he lazily run out a grounder? No. Did he celebrate a bit too much (i.e. celebrate and not be David Ortiz) after a big hit? Don't be silly. Did he drag his foot across the Braves logo behind home plate? Yes, and he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...which means not at all. However, Harper did get TOOTBLAN'd in the 6th inning so maybe he did bring some bad juju on himself.

Braves Expect Simba Back By Tuesday

Fredi Gonzalez is no medical expert and he proved it with this quote:

"I don't know exactly what the treatments are, the difference between the air cast and the wrap and the heat," Gonzalez said. "Every time I look in there, he's got a different contraption on his leg, but at the very least, he's getting better."

The "he" who Fredi is referring to is Andrelton Simmons, and the most important part is the "getting better" part, to the point where the Braves are expecting Simba to return for the 4-game Dodgers series this week. Good, because they'll need all the help they can get for that series.

Numbers Tell Bleak Story For Braves

For the first time in the long, storied history of Talking Chop's Braves Daily News Digest, we have a story from the Anniston (AL) Star! In said post, T.K. Greer posts some numbers concerning the Braves. They aren't exactly good. In those numbers, possibly the most disconcerting news is that since June 1st, the Braves have had a worse record than the Cubs and Diamondbacks. Once again, it's still worth mentioning that Atlanta is still clearly in the thick of the race, but that's not exactly comforting.

B.J. Upton Was Being Shopped At The Trade Deadline

Needless to say, the Braves can't be happy with the ROI they've gotten with B.J. Upton since he signed that 5-year, $75M contract to come to Atlanta. The unhappiness has gotten to the point where the Braves were actually in talks with a team or two to get B.J. up and out of here. FOX Sport's Ken Rosenthal didn't mention a team by name, but Mark Bowman on twitter did say that the Cubs were in talks with the Braves, though nothing was particularly close to happening. Either way, congratulations to B.J. Upton for somehow managing to survive The Great Braves Purge of 2014.

Atlanta Honors Van Wieren During Alumni Weekend

With the club in the midst of celebrating Alumni Weekend, it would be remiss if the Braves didn't have a ceremony honoring one of their greatest commentators in franchise history: The late, great Pete Van Wieren. The Braves also debuted a new patch that they'll be wearing on their jerseys for the rest of the season, one that simply reads "PETE." Here's video from the ceremony:


Pujols Hits Walk-Off Homer After Angels And Red Sox Play 2 Games And An Inning

It took 19 long and arduous innings in Anaheim last night for a winner to be decided in the contest between the Los Angeles Angels and the Boston Red Sox, but eventually it happened, and the man with the albatross of a contract did it for the Angels. The home run call was actually pretty close, as at first sight it appeared that the ball barely hit the yellow line, if it did. However, replay showed that it did indeed clear the mark needed for a ball to be ruled a home run, which meant that Albert Pujols had mercifully ended the marathon. The game took 6 and a half hours to finish, which was actually a brisk pace for the Red Sox as they're used to playing 9-inning games with the Yankees that end up taking 6 hours.

Jeter Takes #6 Spot On All-Time Hits List

The Yankees actually lost this game but WHO CARES BECAUSE JEETZ IS AT IT AGAIN! This time, the legendary Yankee captain passed the great Honus Wagner on MLB's all time hits list. Jeter might be stumbling about when it comes to his fWAR during this retirement tour, but he's still racking up achievements and at this point for him, that's all that matters.

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