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This is the worst Braves offense since 1989

It's not just your imagination that this lineup is very bad.

Mike Zarrilli

The Braves are pretty awful right now. While the pitching has remained solid throughout the season and the defense is pretty average, the lineup is a joke. Just how bad is this offense?

Get this: the Braves are currently on pace to score 599.8 runs this season. We'll just round that up to 600 runs to be nice.

The last time the Braves played a full season and scored less than 600 runs? That would be 1989 -- or 25 years ago.

For me, this is the worst offense of my lifetime. The same can probably be said for quite a few of you.

So when you think to yourself, "Man, this team sucks on offense" it's not just your imagination. This really is the worst lineup the Braves have put on the field since 1989.

Some other fun facts about 1989:

  • The Oakland A's won the World Series. (HEY! It could happen again!)
  • The San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl. (HEY! It could happen again!)
  • The Miami Hurricanes won the college football championship. (HEY! haha just kidding. #SEC #SEC #SEC)
  • Jason Heyward would be born on August 9. Mike Trout was born 728 days later.
  • The three most popular shows on TV were The Cosby Show, Roseanne and Cheers.
  • 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' was the No. 1 song on New Years Day 1989. 'Another Day In Paradise' ended the year at No. 1.

And this happened:


Happy Friday, you guys.

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