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Ervin Santana poetically explains #SMELLBASEBALL

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"It's simple. To smell baseball is to love baseball and all the things that make the game special." - Ervin Santana

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We saw Ervin Santana somewhat jokingly explain his signature #SMELLBASEBALL tagline a few months ago. His trademark even begat some great shirts (one of which I thankfully own). All in all, it's been a fun thing to see on twitter throughout an up and down season.

So, of course, when the Braves visited New York a few weeks ago, Santana stopped by the MLB Fan Cave and recorded another video about #SMELLBASEBALL to explain it to the masses. But this one is different:

He describes all the scents that we probably associate with baseball since childhood, building to my favorite part:

"...and my favorite, baseballs, each rubbed with magic mud from the Delaware River. The essence of the game that gives me a sense of where I am and where I want to be."

This is the kind of video I would get weepy at if it were shown before opening day. I was almost worried it’d get hokey and weird in the end, since players who visit the Fan Cave often do silly things. But it ended up just perfect!