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More details emerge on Dan Uggla concussion symptoms

More details have emerged regarding Dan Uggla and the concussion symptoms that he reportedly played with throughout last season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Uggla has undergone treatment this offseason for what was reportedly an undiagnosed concussion. The Boston Globe's Nick Carfado reports that the concussion stemmed from Uggla being hit in the head by pitches, the first in 2012, and again in spring training in 2013.

According to the story, former Braves outfielder Marquis Grissom reached out to Uggla, saying that he had similar problems late in his career after a beaning. Uggla saw Las Vegas Dr. Robert Donatelli where he was diagnosed with oculomotor dysfunction. Uggla experienced vision problems with the Braves and had corrective Lasik surgery. According to Donatelli, due to his condition, Uggla's vision was no better than 20/100 when he moved his head or his body even after surgery.

Donatelli and his staff put Uggla through a series of tests and determined he had suffered oculomotor dysfunction. Uggla, who had gone so far as to get Lasik treatment because he wasn't seeing the rotation of the ball, had 20/15 vision. But the testing found that when Uggla moved his head or body, his vision was 20/100. This explained being unable to see the rotation of the ball. It also affected him in the field, Uggla saying it got to the point where he didn't want the ball hit to him at second base.

Uggla was given two weeks of exercises to combat the condition and Donatelli declared him healthy with his vision restored in November. He has since signed on with the Washington Nationals on a minor league deal.

If this report is true then it raises questions as to how a concussion could slip past the Braves medical staff. Especially in an age where head injury awareness has become much more prominent.

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