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Kiley McDaniel of Fangraphs named Braves Asst Director of Baseball Operations

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For followers of Fangraphs and prospects as a whole, we have exciting news as Kiley McDaniels joins the Braves front office

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you are familiar with the site Fangraphs, which has some of the best and most complete information on prospects as well as baseball analytics as a whole out there. Well, we have some really interesting news along those lines

Yep, its the same Kiley McDaniel who has been responsible for many of the Top 100 and organizational prospect lists and reports that we have come to rely on as followers of minor league organizations league wide.

Kiley explains that his role with the Braves is going to be very similar to the one he has had with Fangraphs as he will be helping in making preparations for the draft and to help continue to mold and build the Braves' minor league system. It turns out that at least part of the reason for this hire is due to McDaniel's connection with newly appointed GM John Coppolella as both were members of the Yankees' organization at the same time.

This is a very exciting hire for the Braves because Kiley is highly regarded as a scout and his addition should continue to help the Braves overhaul and improve the way the minor leagues and scouting are handled going forward.