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Andrelton Simmons denied Gold Glove

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Well, Andrelton Simmons was not awarded the Gold Glove for shortstop and understandably, Braves fans are a bit upset.

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Hey guys, Andrelton Simmons is good at playing shortstop. #analysis

After winning Gold Gloves for his play at shortstop the previous two seasons, Andrelton Simmons was denied the Gold Glove this season. The award instead went to Brandon Crawford. While Crawford is a fine shortstop deserving of recognition, he trailed Andrelton in UZR, Defensive Runs Saved, and Fielding Percentage. The snub was very loudly and clearly noted on social media.

2015, by most measures, was actually a down year for Andrelton defensively. After saving 41 (!) and 28 runs defensively in the previous two years, Simmons "only" saved 25 this past season. However, some of that has to be attributed to the fact that Chris Johnson basically didn't play at third for the most of the season and Andrelton certainly had to work a bit harder with that human statue playing next to him. Having Jace Peterson, a capable fielder for the most part in his own right, playing second couldn't have hurt either. Some may say that some lingering injuries slowed Andrelton a bit in 2015, but a close look at a some of the stats calls that in to question. Andrelton made a career low number of errors (amongst full seasons) with 8, turned a career high number of double plays (116), and had the second highest UZR of his career (17.3). His 3.2 WAR for the Braves this season was the second highest of his career and was primarily due to his dominating play at shortstop. Unfortunately, it appears that voter fatigue, very strong play from Brandon Crawford, and some confusion by voters that this is a defensive award, not an offensive one caused Andrelton to lose out.

Plus, he does stuff like this.

Are all of those clips from But who doesn't enjoy watching Andrelton Simmons, arguably (by most) the best shortstop in the game? It honestly doesn't matter that he didn't win the Gold Glove this season, as he is currently working on an all-time great defensive career. Andrelton will still, undoubtedly, get other defensive awards this offseason, but for now....let us know what you think of Andrelton being snubbed. I'll be getting my popcorn.