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Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors: Braves in talks to trade Andrelton Simmons

The Braves are rumored to be in talks with an NL West team...and its not going to make Braves fans happy

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Ok everyone, don't panic yet.

During the course of this evening, rumors began to circulate that the Braves were deep in talks. The start of these rumors began with this tweet from Jonah Keri.

That is about as vague as one gets in terms of a rumor as it literally only specifies the Braves and a division. There was some level of confirmation that the Giants were not involved from several Bay Area writers, but other than that it was relatively quiet.

Until this tweet

Obviously the inclusion of Andrelton in any trade would necessitate a VERY sizable return as the Braves value him highly (as they should). Its possible that this is the Braves just seeing what kind of return they COULD get for Andrelton or just an overblown situation where a team asked about Andrelton because EVERY team asks about him. We don't yet know the players or even teams involved other than it appears to down to the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Padres, but we will keep everyone posted as more information becomes available.

**UPDATE 11:33 PM EST**

It appears that the Padres have at least inquired about Simmons, but nothing is close and its not clear that they are the NL West team that has been referenced earlier.

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