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Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors: Angels interested in Andrelton Simmons

Now, instead of just a mystery NL West team, the Angels are also having conversations with the Braves about Andrelton

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a trying night for many Braves fans. Rumors began swirling that star shortstop Andrelton Simmons was available for trade and that the Braves were in deep discussions with an NL West team over a trade that included Andrelton. It was later revealed that the Padres had indeed checked in on Andrelton but with no deal imminent, things died down for a bit.

This morning, however, a new wrinkle was added to the Andrelton saga as the Angels are now engaged in discussions with the Braves about Andrelton.

Again, it does not appear as though a deal is imminent, but this may be a situation of where there is smoke, there is fire. By all accounts, the Braves had put a high price on Andrelton when teams inquired about him at the trading deadline. It remains to be seen whether or not the price has changed therefore leading to this level of interest or if the Braves are standing firm and just listening to offers as they have on every player over the past year or so.

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