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Atlanta Braves Trade Rumors: Mets inquired on Andrelton, price is very high

The Mets joined the growing number of teams who checked in with the Braves on Andrelton Simmons.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The trade market for Andrelton Simmons is awash with activity at the moment with more and more teams at least checking the asking price on Andrelton Simmons. We have no reason to think that the Braves will accept less than top dollar for the young defensive whiz and that was never more apparent than when the Mets called to check in.

In many ways, its heartening to see that the Braves seem to be standing firm on their previous stances that everyone has a price, but the price on Andrelton is going to be high. This is going to be especially true when we are talking about a division rival like the Mets...they will inevitably have to pay a premium.  Its not just the Mets checking in on Andrelton, though.

Again, not really that surprising. With the shortstop free agent market being very thing and Andrelton reputation as a guy who plays hard and is a once-in-a-generation defensive talent, teams are at least going to kick the tires. No deal seems imminent, but rumors and scenarios are being thrown around left and right. Whether a deal actually happens when the dust settles remains to be seen.

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