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Atlanta Braves trade rumors: Around 20 teams rumored to be interested in Shelby Miller

The young Braves right-hander is drawing interest from two-thirds of the league, and because of that Atlanta's asking price for him is "aggressive."

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Shelby Miller's name continues to float around in trade rumors, and in this story from Jon Heyman with CBSSports, there around 20 MLB teams who are interested in acquiring his services:

The Braves, according to sources, asked the Yankees for top young righthander Luis Severino in their talks. Severino was merely a request and there is no evidence the Yanks are considering that. The Braves are also said to expect young outfielder Marcell Ozuna, who's available, plus more from the Marlins.

The Diamondbacks and Giants are two more of the 20 or so teams that are said to have expressed interest in Miller. The Braves generally are seeking to upgrade their offense, though obviously in the case of Severino they are willing to look at young pitchers, as well.

One rival GM, while not denigrating the asking prices, said the Braves were "very aggressive" with their proposal.

With so many teams interested in Miller, it makes sense that Atlanta is asking for a huge return for him. Miller is coming off of his best season and is just 25 years old with three more years on his contract. To any team that is expected to be competing next season — in addition to teams who feel they are near their window of competing — Miller is an attractive target.

As Heyman notes in his piece, Miller is comparable to some of the top starting pitchers on the free agent market, and where teams would lose on prospects or young MLB talent, they would make up for it in money they wouldn't have to use on a Zack Greinke/Johnny Cueto/David Price/Jordan Zimmermann.

While Miller's realistic trade market probably won't develop until more of those starting pitchers have signed, the Braves are in a position where they can simply sit back and wait to be blown away. As they have noted, Atlanta could simply hang on to Miller and hope he's still productive once the team is further along in its rebuilding process. They could also wait until the trade deadline if they think his value will be higher at that point, although that scenario is unlikely given the fewer number of teams that will likely be interested at that point.

Either way, I wouldn't expect Miller to be dealt anytime soon (i.e. the next two weeks), but given the rumored packages we have heard the Braves asking for, this could be a huge deal that nets Atlanta the young, talented bat they have been looking for.

We'll keep you updated as the Shelby Miller-trade-rumor-saga unfolds.

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