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Weekend Digest: V-Mart to have knee surgery; Andruw Jones to attempt comeback

MLB news from the past week.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Andruw Jones to return to the U.S.

Our favorite outfielder not named Heyward or Upton wants to return stateside after two years in Japan. He hit 50 homers with 165 RBI in those two years, and his agent Scott Boras (boo!) said at least two teams are interested. Both are likely AL teams looking for a DH; Andruw's 38 years old and doesn't have the outfield speed he once possessed.

Fredi to spend 2015 in Arizona

Wait, that's Gerald Laird. Never mind, then. Hope I didn't get your hopes up. ;)

Kyle Kendrick joins Rockies rotation

Cy Kendrick won't be bothering the Braves as much (hopefully) this coming season; he'll be pitching in the hitter-friendly Coors Field where he's allowed a .303 BA and a 5.26 ERA. Considering he's been pitching in CBP his whole career, Kendrick's 2015 should look very interesting.

Victor Martinez to have knee surgery

Just this past November, Martinez signed a four-year contract worth $68 million. The knee being operated on is the same one in which he tore his ACL in 2012, forcing him to sit out the whole season. Martinez was Detroit's leading hitter last year and was runner-up to Mike Trout in the MVP race.

Anthony Vasquez hopes to see MLB action again after brain surgery

Vasquez debuted in 2011 with Seattle but the following year, Vasquez required emergency brain surgery when doctors discovered a ruptured arteriovenous malformation, which is an abnormal connection between the veins and arteries in the brain. He continued to pitch in the minors through 2014 and on Tuesday signed a minor league contract with the Phillies. He's a lefty, so I'm sure he'll find another team if the Phillies don't keep him.

Manfred wants bidding process for All-Star Game

He's at it again! Last week, he wanted to ban infield shifts, now this! The guy's been on the job for ONE FRIGGIN' WEEK and he's already 2 for 2 in facepalm-worthy ideas. I am not a fan of this.

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