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Lets Celebrate Nick Markakis' First Home Run

The running joke is that Nick Markakis is swinging a toothpick now that he is an Atlanta Brave. That may still be true, but for one night at least, he brought the lumber

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made of Nick Markakis and the total absence of power in his offensive game. Now, he wasn't expected to hit 30+ homers when the Braves signed him, but nevertheless we all thought he would have gotten a hold of a few balls by now.

Part of the problem is that he is coming of a neck injury that required surgery, preventing him from doing his normal offseason strength and conditioning program. Its also possible that after leaving Camden Yards that he was just not going to have power in his game anymore. That would be an okay, if not good good result, as he is still slashing .286/.372/.347....not great numbers, but certainly serviceable.

However, Nick decided that against Brandon Beachy, his time had come

Now, before we all lose our minds that Markakis actually went deep, lets first take a moment to remember that while he is certainly the most recent member of the Braves to (for the moment) to overcome a power outage, he certainly isn't the least likely to do it.

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