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Mets asked about Andrelton Simmons, Braves unwilling to move

The New York Mets asked about Andrelton Simmons, but the talks didn't go too far.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

With the trade deadline now just four days away, most have the Braves pegged as sellers. It appears, however, that not everybody is for sale, as just last week it was reported that the Braves would not be parting with Nick Markakis. Today, it's become clear that Andrelton Simmons won't be going anywhere either.

Simmons, 25, is slashing .263/.325/.343 with a WAR of 2.2 on the season, and is widely regarded as one of the premier shortstops in the game today.

Although the Braves didn't flat out say that Simmons wasn't available, the "unreachable" price tag that Olney talks about shows that Atlanta won't be sending Simmons off easily.

While it's unclear whether the Mets asked about Simmons before or after the Uribe/Johnson trade, it goes to show that the Braves value Simmons, and while the team is in a "sell" mode, Simmons looks to be someone the team will be building around in the future.

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