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Breaking News: Braves revealed as 3rd team in Dodgers-Marlins Trade-UPDATED

When details of the deal between the Marlins and Dodgers involving Mat Latos and Michael Morse first broke, there were whispers that a 3rd team could be involved when the deal started breaking down. Turns out, the Braves are that third team.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the day, the Marlins had agreed to terms with the Dodgers to send Michael Morse and Mat Latos to the Dodgers for 3 minor league pitchers. Insert jokes about the Marlins dumping salary at every opportunity here. However, during the course of the day, news started breaking that the deal was in jeopardy due to medical issues with some of the players involved.

Now, it was more than likely that the two teams were going to shift the players involved around (happens all of the time, see the Cueto-Royals trade for instance) and the deal would still go down. However, around that point in time it was rumored that there was possibly another team involved, possibly to absorb some of the salary, possibly to make the prospect mix work, or possibly because someone didn't want to deal directly with Loria and the Marlins because they wanted to sleep at night.

As it turns out, the Braves are the third team involved in the deal, although the details are VERY sketchy at this point

This situation is very fluid and we will be updating this story as more information becomes available so stay with us as we follow this story.


It sounds like Atlanta will be giving up a "young SP" who can pitch in the majors right now

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