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Braves sending Alex Wood, Jose Peraza, Jim Johnson to Dodgers, per report

Alex Wood and Jim Johnson are reportedly heading to the Dodgers in a three-team trade with the Dodgers and Marlins

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This evening, news began to spread incredibly quickly that the Braves were going to be significantly involved in the trade between the Marlins and Dodgers.

What we all didn't realize was just how quickly this deal would increase in magnitude, starting with the inclusion of Braves LHP Alex Wood.

If the inclusion of one of the Braves' top young pitchers wasn't enough, highly sought after veteran closer Jim Johnson is also rumored to be included

But wait, there's more. Top prospect Jose Peraza could also be involved in the deal.

Its still unclear as to what the Braves are getting in return for all of this, although the value SHOULD be quite high. So far, all we know is that the Braves will be receiving Michael Morse and a compensatory pick, but that is not the end of the story (or if it is then there will be rioting at Turner Field)

This story is fast developing and we will update you as soon as we have more information.

**UPDATE 10:10 PM EST**

The deal is not complete by any stretch of the imagination and there is still a lot of information floating around that is pure speculation. Very likely that the deal will not be completed tonight

**UPDATE 9:25 PM EST**

Its sounding more and more like the Braves are dealing directly with the Dodgers and its not a the tradition 3 team deal. Dodgers will trade with Marlins, and then the Dodgers appear to be flipping some of those assets to the Braves.

**UPDATE 9:15 PM EST**

The Braves are also in line to get a minor league prospect and a big league reliever in the deal

**UPDATE 9:09 PM EST**

It looks like the Braves will also be receiving Hector Olivera, a high profile signee out of Cuba from last year, in the deal as well

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