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Kolby Allard makes his Organizational Debut

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LHP Kolby Allard made his professional debut with the GCL Braves on Monday morning

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It finally happened, the moment we've been waiting for since Early June. First round pick Kolby Allard made his Braves debut in spectacular fashion, striking out all 3 batters he faced-2 looking-in his 1 inning. He impressed scouts with his great fastball and knockout curve, but fell from a potential Top 5 pick to the Braves at 14 after suffering from and missing time with a stress injury in his back. Atlanta was  ecstatic to pick up the California boy, but he waited until very close to the deadline to sign, coming very close to honoring his commitment to UCLA. He finally settled with the team at $3,042,000, which was about $200k over slot value. The Braves believe his back problems are behind him, and it's great to finally see him on the field and making an impact.

He was of course happy with his performance