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Off-Day Open Thread 8/10: Are you having a blue-and-orange affair?

Word around town is that some of you have a blue-and-orange affair going on. We're here to confront you about your philandering ways.

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We've reached another off-day for the Braves, and things are currently amiss. There's a disturbance in the force of the Chop. No, I'm not talking about Atlanta's poor offensive record (though things have been decent on that front as of late), and no, I'm not talking about Shelby Miller and his woeful run support. Those are different topics for a different day. Instead, we're going to talk about side rooting interests.

According to the AJC's Mark Bradley, there's a lot of you guys out there rooting for the Mets to win the division. As I noted in today's News and Links post, this has actually confused and terrified some people up there in Metsland. Shoot, if you were around during the '90s and the mid '00s then this is an absolutely befuddling thought. What kind of tomfoolery is going on, here?

If you read the article, then  the reasoning behind is actually pretty solid. The Mets have a band of likable characters on their squad (including Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe), their young pitching corps is fun to watch, their fans are endearing in that they're collectively the Ted Williams of being self-loathing baseball fans, and for uniform nerds such as myself, they've got some good uniforms. They're a nice team to root for right now!

However, there's always a nefarious reason behind stuff like this: We're only doing this because the Nationals have shot up to the top of the hate chart in the NL East. I mean, we had an article up on this very blog about hating Bryce Harper for the right reasons. That ought to be enough to explain why some Braves fans are latching on to the blue-and-orange bandwagon for the time being: It's more of a "Anybody but the Nationals" thing than anything else. At least that's how I'm interpeting the situation.

But, what do you guys think? Who are you rooting for to be successful when it comes to their Postseason aspirations? Have you set up secret rendevous points in order to Meet the Mets? Is there another team whose hat you're putting on? Or are you being a super die-hard Braves fan and going down with the 2015 squad without adopting a side team? Let us know! I promise you that we won't judge you -- at least we won't judge you too much.

As always, it's an off day so that's not the only thing you can talk about. Talk about anything you want: The floor's yours! We hear that a certain someone's making their debut in Los Angeles tonight, so that's interesting.

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