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Off-Day Open Thread 8/13: The Spiteful Thread/Player Hater's Ball

It's already been a rough week for our Braves; One that sort of serves as a microcosm of the pain that we've endured throughout the season. Don't you want to wish that pain on someone else? Here's your chance.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The past two games for the Braves weren't exactly fun, to say the least. First, they got shut out as the offense pulled another disappearing act. Then, the offense actually showed up (especially Pedro Ciriaco. Seriously, he had himself a day on Wednesday), but then the bullpen disappeared and what could've been a nice little win turned into yet another painful loss.

Sometimes, if you let it, that pain can linger and transform into something else. Sometimes it dulls, but sometimes it turns into jealousy and spite. That's when you want that pain and jealousy to spread elsewhere so that they can feel what you're feeling. I'm not that type of person though (I like to spread positivity and happiness like other decent human beings), and I'm sure that nobody who visits this site is that type of person, either (or at least I hope so).

However, if we were those type of people, then tonight's main topic centers around one question: Which baseball team are you rooting for to fall flat on their face during this pennant race? I think I might have an idea of who the main candidate is. I'll give you a hint: One of their star players is some dude named Bruce Hooper, or something like that. I don't know.

So, who are you breaking out the voodoo dolls for? Again, I'm sure I have an idea of who the obvious candidate is here, but if you've got another team in mind, you may as well let us know. Consider this the Player Hater's Ball. Let the hate and the salt flow through you, tonight. Also, as usual, if you want to talk about anything else, go right ahead. The floor is yours.

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