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Atlanta Braves news and links: Freddie's back on the DL, Simmons is improving

The Braves got some good news and bad news on the injury front. Meanwhile, they couldn't give us a repeat of the incredible victory on Monday, as the Giants tied up the series at one game a piece.

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Giants motor past Braves to tie up series

Tuesday night was sort of a "back to Earth" experience for the Braves, as the Giants' offense blew up late in that game and eventually powered themselves to an 8-3 victory. For Shelby Miller, it was another hard-luck night for him as, once again, he pitched well enough to leave the Braves in a position to win, but the Braves couldn't capitalize on another one of his solid performances. Meanwhile, these two plays from Eury Perez and Chris Johnson summed up the entire game in a nutshell.

Freddie Freeman is back on the DL

It's been a rough couple of months for Freddie Freeman. Just a couple of weeks after the Braves' star first baseman made his return from the DL from a wrist injury, Freeman is now right back on the disabled list with a strained right oblique. Oblique injuries are notoriously fickle injuries to recover from, so we'll probably see Freeman get as much time as possible to recover from this. Meanwhile, Jason Frasor is joining Freeman on the DL, which means that both Joey Terdoslavich and Ryan Kelly were called up to the big league squad.

Simmons' prognosis is improving

Meanwhile, there's some good news on the injury front: Andrelton Simmons is getting better. The bone bruise that he suffered over the weekend is healing at a proper rate, which means that we could be seeing Simmons return to the shortstop position sooner rather than later.

What will the rotation look like in 2016?

Considering how this season is going, it's never too early to start taking a look at the future, and our friends at ATL All Day did just that when they tried to take a stab at predicting what the 2016 Braves rotation would look like. If you want to escape from this dark, dark present into a bright, sunny future, then this is the article for you.

Check out the minor league recap


Tigers "release" GM Dave Dombrowski, hire Al Avila as replacement

In an extremely shocking move that occurred on Tuesday afternoon, the Tigers decided that it was time to part ways with General Manager Dave Dombrowski. Dombrowski had been the Tigers GM for 14 years and saw the team through some extremely lean times and also some extremely successful times, as the team won multiple divisional titles and a couple of AL Pennants. However, this season appeared to be the last straw for owner Mike Illitch. Dombrowski should have plenty of options for a safe landing elsewhere, while it appears that the Tigers are ready to go in a completely different direction with new GM Al Avila.

Cardinals are running out of time to re-sign Jason Heyward

The St. Louis Cardinals and Jason Heyward are apparently playing a dangerous game of contract chicken with each other. As the end of the season rapidly approaches, that means that the Cardinals are eventually going to lose their chance to be the only team to negotiate with the star right fielder, which means that they could risk losing him after just one (extremely solid) season from Heyward. Our friends over at Viva El Birdos talked about the situation at length:

The Cardinals have acknowledged that payroll will increase over the next few years. The team drew more than 3.5 million fans last season and they are drawing just as well this season. The Cardinals' new television deal that kicks in after the 2017 season will add at least $20 million more in new money once the deal begins with the potential to earn significantly more. Like they did with Jhonny Peralta early in free agency, the Cardinals should not wait for the market to establish itself. If Heyward gets to free agency, the Cardinals gamble with an unknown market. The money is there now, Heyward is the right player to give it to, and if there is a deal to be had, both parties need to get together to get something done.

Alex Wood makes debut with Dodgers; Has a bit of a flub in the seventh inning

Last night, the baseball world got its first look at Alex Wood in Dodger blue, and even though the Dodgers lost the game 6-2 (seriously, how are the Phillies this hot right now?), Wood made a solid debut for Los Angeles. It didn't come without an extremely weird moment. In the seventh inning of the contest, apparently the ghost of 50 Cent took hold of Alex Wood's body and did this:

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