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Foltynewicz to the DL with chest inflammation

Mike Foltynewicz is headed to the DL with an unusual ailment that possibly stems from his recent bout with a virus

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Foltynewicz has had a series of ups and downs this year. After a promising start, questionable attitude and inconsistent performances led to him being sent down to Gwinnett to get things worked out. After his re-promotion, while the results weren't always apparent, most scouts would tell you that he was pitching better and that he was back on track.

However, earlier this week Shelby Miller had to fill in for Folty due to what was described as a viral infection and a fever. As it turns out, the situation has actual become more serious than much so that a DL stint is in order for Foltynewicz.

Costochondritis is basically inflammation of where your ribs meets your sternum, which in itself sounds unpleasant. The pain it can cause has actually been compared to how one feels when they are having a heart attack, which also seems bad. Causes can include infections as well as prolonged bouts of coughing, which seems very much in line with what Folty has probably been dealing with of late.

What is unknown is how long recovery from such an ailment takes, but given that it was bad enough to warrant a DL stint as opposed to just skipping another start, it could be a while. Williams Perez will be starting tomorrow after his very brief demotion, but with Foltynewicz on the DL now, Banuelos on an innings cap, and the rest of the Braves' pitching staff struggling mightily...things could get very interesting in the coming weeks in terms of getting starters on the mound, let alone being competitive.

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