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Atlanta Braves news and links: Jenkins, Smith receive Minor League honors

While the major league team was busy officially getting eliminated from Postseason contention, the farm received a lot of time in the sun after finishing a resurgent season.

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Braves are officially eliminated from Postseason contention with loss to Mets

This day has been coming for a long time, but it's finally here: The Braves have officially been eliminated from Postseason contention. Yeah, I know: Big shock, right? Anyways, the end came last night after an especially bad rain delay pushed the start of the game to 9:30 PM EST. Shelby Miller pitched, and he only had one bad inning of work. However, since this is Shelby Miller we're talking about here, that one bad inning was enough to doom him to another winless start. The streak is now at 21. The Undertaker is impressed.

An early look back on the 2015 season

Since the 2015 Braves are now officially relegated to just playing out the string, now seems like as good of a time as ever to take a look back on the season that was for Atlanta. "Rough" would be a good woprd to use to describe 2015 for Atlanta, but this description is pretty nice, too:

In short, the Braves couldn’t hit and they couldn’t pitch. The team’s .296 wOBA and 84 wRC+ rank last in baseball. Their 4.4 pitching fWAR ranks last in baseball, and their 4.57 ERA is 27th. Good job, good effort?

Folty plans on returning soon

After being sidelined due to a case of pneumonia, Mike Foltynewicz is hoping that he'll be able to return to the mound for the Braves before the season ends. Folty played catch on Thursday, and his recovery efforts should ramp up from there.

Mallex Smith and Tyrell Jenkins earn organizational honors

The Braves handed out their 2015 minor league player/pitcher awards yesterday, and the big winners were Mallex Smith and Tyrell Jenkins. Smith was recognized as the Braves 2015 Minor League Player of the Year, while Jenkins was honored with being named as Minor League Pitcher of the Year.

Talking Chop names its 2015 Minor League All-Star Team

Naturally, those two guys ended up making our 2015 Minor League All-Star team. It was a great year for the farm, and most of the guys on this list have a very good chance of contributing to the Major League squad in the future. You should definitely check this out, since you'll be hearing a lot about most of these players soon.


Phillies decide to part ways with GM Ruben Amaro Jr.

It's finally happned: The Phillies have decided that they've had enough of Ruben Amaro Jr., and Amaro will no longer be the GM of the Phillies after this season. Amaro experienced plenty of success in Philadelphia, but he was also a big reason why the team ended up in the sorry position that it's in right now. Granted, he did a decent enough job of trying to right the rebuilding ship as of late, but it was too little too late by this point. Now, our friends at The Good Phight have decided to take a look at the worst moves that Amaro made during his time as GM of the Phillies.

Amaro did some good things during his time at the helm, but he also did some bad things. And it's fair to wonder just how much of it, any or all of it, was solely the brainchild of Amaro or mandates given to him by team management, specifically former president David Montgomery.

Nevertheless, the dismissal of Amaro will be news of great joy for many. Even though he seemingly has been a more effective general manager over the last 24 months, his shortcomings on the analtytics side, numerous unwise public statements, and the desire of a new president to put his own man in the position, sealed his fate.

Tigers might fire Brad Ausmus once season ends

Meanwhile, in other "People who won't be around their 2015 team in 2016" news, a TV station in Detroit is reporting that the Tigers are preparing to fire manager Brad Ausmus once the season ends. Considering how incredibly disappointing the Tigers have been this season and the fact that there's a new GM in town there, this really shouldn't come as a surprise. The only question now is when the Tigers will make this official.

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