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Braves Avoid Arbitration with Withrow, Vizcaino

Withrow gets $610k, Vizcaino clocks in at $897.5k as Braves avoid heading to arbitration for any players in 2016.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this offseason, the Braves opted to non-tender Mike Minor and Pedro Ciriaco, and then traded Shelby Miller, leaving just relievers Chris Withrow and Arodys Vizcaino as arbitration-eligible heading into 2016. Today, contract situations for those players were resolved, meaning that the Braves will avoid sitting on the opposite side of an arbitration hearing from any of their players this year.

Chris Withrow (who actually agreed to terms yesterday), will earn $610,000, per Mark Bowman:

Withrow just narrowly snuck into becoming a Super Two player given his service time, which is amusing (or bemusing), given that he last threw a professional pitch in 2014. Still, $610,000 is only a notch above league minimum and should prove to be a bargain if Withrow can recover from his injuries and provide positive value in the Atlanta bullpen. For the record, MLB Trade Rumors projected him to get $600,000, so  we'll forgive them for being a smidgen off. Withrow will have three more years of arbitration eligibility after 2016.

On the flip side, the Braves undercut their projected outlay for Arodys Vizcaino, spending just $897,500 rather than MLBTR's projected $1.1 million. Vizcaino proved to be a force in what was otherwise a terrible bullpen during the late summer and early fall last season, and his substantial raise over league minimum is well-deserved.

The Braves control Vizcaino for three more arbitration-eligible seasons after this one, as he had more service time than the Super Two cutoff (thanks rockybull, no thanks to Cot's, which is wrong on his contract status, I guess?) where his salary is sure to rise if he continues to pitch at the same performance level he showcased in 2014. For more on Vizcaino, see Carlos' excellent coverage here.

The Braves now have $79 million in payroll committed to 18 players, including cryptozoological marvel Dian Toscano. Some league minimum players will round out the roster, so the Braves' final payroll will clock in at around $83 million to $86 million, depending on minor moves, bonuses for making the roster out of Spring Training, and the like. Of course, the Braves can still blow all this math up by continuing to make moves during the offseason.

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