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Atlanta Braves rumors: Braves could still go after Yoenis Cespedes on short-term deal

The Braves are still extreme longshots to sign Yoenis Cespedes to a contract, but the team is reportedly holding out hope that he could consider a short-term deal with them.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Another day has passed during what's been an interesting hot stove season, and it's another day in which Yoenis Cespedes is without a baseball club. However, what makes this even more interesting is that the Braves continue to have a link with Cespedes in the free agent market, even if the link is extremely tenuous at best.

This is a pretty reasonable idea. If Cespedes is actually open to a short-term deal and his camp has exhausted all other options, then I could definitely see the Braves potentially swooping in to pick at the leftovers of Cespedes' free agent value.

With that being said, it's still extremely unlikely that we'll be seeing Cespedes put the Tomahawk across his chest and the "A" on top of his head -- especially when you consider the fact that the Braves figure to be one of the bottom feeders in all of baseball. I doubt that even the lure of being one of the crowning jewels of the opening of SunTrust Park -- along with the lovely crop of prospects who are making their way up through the farm system -- would be enough to secure his signature.

More than likely, we'll probably see Yoenis Cespedes follow in fellow left fielder Justin Upton's footsteps and join up with a team that figures to be in contention. There's definitely plenty of interest in the Cuban slugger who will be 31 at the end of the season and the market appears to finally be materializing for Cespedes, so there's a chance that we could finally see this saga come to an end relatively soon. But until then, there's nothing but speculation as far as potential destinations for Cespedes are concerned.

Plus, if you're the Braves, as you learned with Justin Upton, it never hurts to just ask, right? The worst they can do is say no (which Upton and his camp did), and you can move on with your regular plans of rebuilding while nothing of value is lost. The Braves may have a pretty small chance of landing Cespedes, but it still never hurts to position yourself to swoop in if that tiny window opens up.

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