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Atlanta Braves news and links: Freddie Freeman is "excited" for rebuild

If there were any doubts about Freddie Freeman's attitude towards the current rebuild, he did his best to put them to rest in a recent interview.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images


Freeman is down with the rebuilding process

Freddie Freeman was recently interviewed by the AJC in a two-part series (with the big news from the first part of the interview being that his wrist is 100% healthy), and in that interview, the cornerstone of the Braves' franchise made his feelings about the Braves rebuild very clear: He's in favor of it and is actually excited by what may be in store for the team's future.

"But me personally, this offseason’s moves made everything come full circle. We got a lot of top prospects back in the trades and I’m looking forward to seeing them in spring training. We have some young guys that could be making an impact with us this year, and in my opinion it’s an exciting time to be a Braves fan because I think we are going to be good soon – and for a lot of years to come."

Braves should keep rebuilding process "under the radar"

As the Braves enter the second season of what they hope is a relatively quick rebuild (compared to other teams who spent a few years [and some a few decades] in the wilderness of non-contention), our friends at Tomahawk Take figure that it's in the Braves' best interest to keep a low profile during this rebuild. That's to say that they should continue giving "fringe" players like Adonis Garcia, Ryan Kelly, and others a look to see what they can do, and that they should wisely explore the free agent market via DFAs, cheap veterans, and "reclamation projects" who are out there on the market.

Braves reliever is living his 1st grade dream

Former Brewers reliever Rob Wooten signed a minor-league deal to join the Braves organization for this season, and he seems pretty happy about it. Additionally, if present-day Rob Wooten is happy, then 1st grader Rob Wooten is probably bouncing off of the walls, because this is what Wooten dreamed of as a kid.


Did the Cardinals use David Eckstein's last name to hack into the Astros database?

There are further details coming out in the wake of the St. Louis Caridnals' hacking scandal, and those details are centered around the password that the Cardinals used to get into the Houston Astros' system. The Houston Chronicle reported the following:

The password of a high-ranking Astros executive that Chris Correa used to access Astros' systems was based on the name of a player "who was scrawny and who would not have been thought of to succeed in the major leagues, but through effort and determination he succeeded anyway," assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chu said on Jan. 8 when Correa pleaded guilty to hacking the Astros in federal court.

Obviously, that led some people to believe that there had to have been one player in particular that they were talking about -- and by "some people," I mean the very player in question.

If the password really was "Eckstein123," then this entire thing just got even funnier. Well, it's not "funny" but it's still funny, if you catch my drift.

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