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Lets Chat: Pre-2016 Season Prospect/MiLB Q&A with Eric

We had so much fun last time that I thought it would be fun to do another Q&A about prospects. Plus, there have definitely been some changes since the last time we talked.

With the winter leagues coming to a close soon and the passage of the winter meetings, we have reached that dark time of the year where we wait for top 100 prospects lists to come out (we should have 2 by the end of the week) and desperately await for spring training to get started. We last did a Q&A at the beginning of November (during most of which I was answering questions from the emergency room) and there has definitely been quite a bit of change, in particular in the wake of the Shelby Miller and Andrelton Simmons trades not to mention some great (and not so great) prospect articles coming out. So ask away guys, all that I ask is that you ask questions as standalone comments below and not within threads so that folks can more easily see questions and answers and its also easier for me to find things. Be nice, have fun, and lets talk prospects/MiLB stuff. Also, here are some videos to watch, because I care

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