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Matt Marksberry beginning to recover after seizure and medically-induced coma

Late yesterday, word started circulating that Matt Marksberry was experiencing some real issues with his health. We know more today

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It appears as though there is, at the very least, some positive news regarding the health issues that have been plaguing Braves pitcher Matt Marksberry. As of now, according to multiple statements by family members on social media, he is starting to wake up from a medically-induced coma.

First, a little background: a couple of days ago, Marksberry posted the followed tweet:

Apparently, this was a request due to the fact that Matt had been having severe stomach pains and he needed to go in for a colonoscopy. Its at this point information became VERY sketchy (hence why we did not report until now on this) with the Braves saying that he was being treated for severe dehydration and saying nothing else (due to HIPAA disclosure issues primarily) while some members of his family had indicated that he had been placed on life support and had suffered a seizure.

As it turns out, it appears both things appeared to be true. As with most stomach ailments, dehydration is a very real danger and also likely AND Matt did apparently suffer a seizure during his procedure. Due to the seizure, dehydration, something else, or all of the above, his doctors put him in a medically-induced coma which does require life support.

Fortunately, it appears as though Matt is trending upward and should hopefully be on the mend soon.

Not being a medical professional personally, we have no idea what other obstacles lay ahead for Marksberry (especially given that its not public knowledge what caused his seizure or stomach ailment), but this is heartening for fans of his...of which there are many due to his extremely engaging personality and social media presence. We wish Matt and his family the best in his recovery and will you all posted if any of the details change or there are developments going forward.

Matt has made 35 total appearances for the Braves over the past two seasons out of the bullpen, although injuries and a stint in AAA limited him to just 4 appearances with the big league club this past season.

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