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Talking Chop Roundtable: Do the Braves have another big move left in them?

Do the Braves have another move left in them?

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The Atlanta Braves have been involved in a lot of trade discussions this offseason but so far have resisted the temptation of a big significant move. Will the Braves make such a move before the start of next season or is this essentially the roster they will open the 2017 season with?

Scott Coleman: Maybe? It’s tough to really say given this front office’s history. It’s not ideal, but the Braves could probably survive at third base with the Adonis Garcia, Rio Ruiz and Sean Rodriguez trio. The same goes at second base with Rodriguez and Jace Peterson until Ozzie Albies knocks down the door. I’d like to see someone added to platoon with Tyler Flowers that isn’t Anthony Recker. Perhaps a veteran bullpen arm will be added. But as far as a blockbuster deal goes, no, I don’t think so.

Demetrius Bell: Again, I’ve learned to not doubt the GM when it comes to making moves. If they do pull off a big trade for a starting pitcher that they seemingly crave, I won’t be shocked. I wouldn’t mind seeing them stand pat, and I probably wouldn’t bet the house on the Braves making another big trade before Opening DAy.

Ben Poplin: If we have learned anything from the moves John Coppolella and John Hart have already made, it's that another is always around the corner.

Ivan: Yes, although it’ll be another Kansas City Shuffle-esque maneuver for a completely unexpected name that takes a bit of noggin-scratching to figure out why it was made. Despite where the Braves are in their process, I could see another major leaguer-for-prospects trade, or at least a trade that is Alex Jackson-esque in pushing away closer-to-the-majors guys for further-from-the-majors tarnished prospects with more upside. Maybe that doesn’t qualify as a big move, though.

Brad Rowland: I think “no” is probably the right answer, but I’ll echo everyone else in saying that Coppy’s reputation is such that nothing would surprise me in the slightest. Adding three (!) veterans in the rotation without making the big “splash” trade was probably a good indicator, and while there are some spots (third base, catcher) that are worrisome in the lineup, it is pretty tough to search for obvious “big” moves to address them.

Kris Willis: I’m not anticipating another big move but I don’t think they would hesitate if something appealing materialized. While most are focused on a top of the rotation arm, I wouldn’t be as surprised if they swung a deal for a catcher.

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