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Braves rumors: Atlanta not in on Brian Dozier, per report (Updated)

The Braves seem to be continuing their “no stone unturned” philosophy as they check in on an unexpected AL slugger

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another Braves trade rumor. The Braves have seemingly been connected with anyone and everyone who has even been rumored to be available on the trade market. The Braves clearly are interesting in being competitive relatively soon and they are at least open to using their wealth of prospects towards that end, although they have not appeared to be in a rush to pay some of the crazy trade prices seen this offseason.

What makes this particular rumor interesting is due to the current presence of Ozzie Albies in the Braves farm system as well Sean Rodriguez and Jace Peterson on the major league roster.

Now let us be clear, there is nothing to indicate that there is any to this rumor beyond routine due diligence and/or continuing to poke the Nationals because it’s fun. However, with Heyman specifically naming the Braves and the fact that Dozier has not been connected with the Braves until now, it is worth exploring as a possibility. As of now, the Twins asking price isn’t known but coming off a career year with big power numbers....Dozier wouldn’t be exactly cheap.

Dozier slashed .268/.340/.546 with 42 homers in 2016 while playing a reasonable, if unexciting, second base defensively. Maybe the Braves are simply checking all of their options (and their price tags)....or maybe they have less faith in some of their internal options than the rest of us.


Looks like the Braves wanted the record corrected pretty quickly regarding their interest level in Dozier.

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