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Andruw Jones, John Schuerholz to be inducted into Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame

The Braves announced on Wednesday that both Andruw Jones and John Schuerholz will be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

There has been a great deal of discussion, especially this space, about Andruw Jones and the potential that the Atlanta Braves would retire his number 25 in the future. On Wednesday, the Braves did not announce that particular honor for the former centerfielder, but the team will induct both Jones and John Schuerholz into the team's Hall of Fame this summer.

Jones played for the team from 1996 through 2007, accumulating 368 home runs and bringing home 10 gold gloves for his legendary defense. Schuerholz, who is still a member of the organization as team president, joined the Braves in 1990 and served as the team's general manager for more than a decade, keying the construction of the dynastic run of the franchise in the 1990's.

Braves chairman and CEO Terry McGuirk put forth the following statement as the team announced the future ceremony:

"The organization is thrilled to welcome these two treasured members of our family into the Braves Hall of Fame. Both John and Andruw have had an incredible impact on the franchise, though in much different ways, and they are beyond deserving of his honor."

The ceremony to honor both men will include a luncheon on Aug. 19 and a pregame ceremony before that evening's game against the Washington Nationals. More buzz will build for this as the date nears, but in general, it is nice to see the Braves honoring Andruw Jones and John Schuerholz is a legend in his own right. Congratulations to both men on his recognition.

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