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Braves Prospects who have impressed in Spring Training

For the most part, prospects in Spring Training are essentially shown just how NOT ready for the major leagues they are. However, there have been several for the Braves this spring that have given us a glimpse of a brighter future.

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Spring training holds many purposes from getting established regulars back in to playing shape to filling out roster spots by having a slew of holdover players and free agents compete for them. One of the more undersung values of spring training is bringing in minor league players and giving them a chance to play against major leaguers as well as be around and learn from them.

For the most part, from the statistical/results oriented side of things, this usually doesn't end particularly well for the minor leaguers. Spring training is usually a chance for them to "take their lumps", learn from their shortcomings, and go back down to the minors with some new goals. However, the Braves have had some prospects do quite well for themselves this Spring so here are a few of them. (insert small sample size warning here)

Mallex Smith

Spring Training Line: .346/.393/.808

Mallex has been excellent since the start of Spring Training where he set various forms of social media on fire when he scored from first in around 9 seconds (and that was with a slowdown at second to make sure the ball wasn't caught). His gaudy slugging percentage will never hold, but Mallex has shown that he is very close to being ready for the next level.

Ozhaino Albies

Spring Training Line: .308/.357/.423

Ozhaino has been the talk of Spring Training within the Braves' organization. Despite being well under the legal drinking age and not playing above Single-A ball, Fredi Gonzalez has mused about bringing the kid back with the team to Atlanta. Not only has he performed well with the bat this spring, but his glove as well as his poise and maturity have drawn countless praises as well.

John Gant

Spring Training Line: 1.59 ERA, 0.71 WHIP, 4 Ks in 5.2 IP

Gant has been tremendous this Spring in limited action. He has made 3 relief appearances thus far and has only given up 1 run, making him the best performing Braves' pitching prospect this spring. He won't make the big league rotation right out of Spring (too many other names in the way), but expect Gant to see some time at AAA before getting a look in the majors around midseason if the need arises.

Hector Olivera

Spring Training Line: .438/.441/.500

Ok, ok....Olivera isn't REALLY a prospect despite what some prospect lists think, but its worth highlighting that he has done pretty well for himself this Spring. He is in 7th in terms of batting average amongst qualified players (right behind former Brave Pedro Ciriaco as it turns out), while being tied for the lead in terms of total hits. The power has been slow to come thus far and he could use a bump in his OBP, but considering the difficulties he had last year this spring has certainly been a welcome sight.

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