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Hector Olivera arrested in alleged domestic assault

The bad news for the Braves keeps getting worse as Hector Olivera was arrested in Arlington, VA.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Olivera has been the subject of much ire and concern from Braves' fans since he was acquired at the trade deadline last year. His play on the field and questions around his age/health/performance have dominated more than its fair share of comment threads and water cooler conversations.

Going in to 2016, this was supposed to be Olivera's year to prove himself as a player for the Braves. Instead, news broke this morning that is very concerning both for fans of the Braves as well as human beings with actual morals and ethics

As of now, what we know is that a female victim called police early this morning and police arrived to find her with bruises and she was taken to the hospital. Olivera was still at the hotel and seems to have been taken in to custody without incident and is currently still being processed.

We will update this story as it develops, but with the recent cases of Aroldis Chapman and Jose Reyes among others, this case will certainly garner the attention of Major League Baseball as well as the world at large. As of now, Olivera is only accused of a crime and the investigation is ongoing.

**UPDATE - 11:00 AM***

The Braves thus far are declining comment on the arrest of Hector Olivera

**UPDATE 11:15 AM***

Hector Olivera is indeed in police custody, but has not been formally charged with anything at this time

**UPDATE 11:24 AM***

Hector Olivera has been placed on administrative leave and MLB is officially launching its own investigation now

**UPDATE 11:53 AM*** It appears the Braves are going to take their time putting a statement out there as they collect more information.

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