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How did Bobby Cox (and others) react to Fredi's firing?

There are plenty of opinions on Fredi Gonzalez's firing floating around on Twitter right now, and Bobby Cox's initial reaction is one of them.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fredi Gonzalez is no longer the manager of the Atlanta Braves. It wasn't a huge shock that he was fired, but I'm sure that nobody would've guessed that a series-opening loss on the road at Pittsburgh would be the straw that finally broke the camel's back for John Coppolella and the Braves' front office. However, that ended up being the case, and Fredi's time as manager is finished.

One of the most obvious questions on the mind (or at least my mind) is just what Bobby Cox thought about this whole thing. Cox was arguably the main reason why Gonzalez lasted as long as he did in the job, so you have to think that it probably took him some "convincing." According to Jon Morosi, he took the news gracefully.

Speaking of Bobby Cox, could he have done a better job with this team as currently constructed? Probably not, though I doubt that any manager alive could've done a good job with this team, and that was the case that Elliot Johnson made once he got wind of the news.

The man who Bobby Cox replaced was Russ Nixon. Remember him? Well, if you do then either you've got an extremely vivid memory of your childhood and/or you're way older than I am, because he was the last Braves manager to be fired -- way back in 1990.

Oh, and who fired Nixon? Take a wild guess:

Now that we've gotten past the Bobby Cox portion of things, it's time to take an extremely early look at potential replacements for Fredi Gonzalez. Jerry Crasnick had one name in mind and a little bit of an opinion on the new interim manager from everybody's favorite outlet for information: The anonymous source.

Meanwhile, Ken Rosenthal brought up the names of Bud Black and Torey Lovullo as potential replacements.

However, as everybody focuses on the future of the Braves' managerial role, some are still taking time to reflect on the fact that someone lost their job today. Regardless of how you feel about whether it was the right move or not, that's something that should be kept in mind.

However, you've got to admit that some might see this as a bit of a merciful move for Fredi Gonzalez -- he no longer has a captain's seat on this ship.

I'm sure that there's been even more reaction over on Twitter to Fredi's firing, but it's definitely got the baseball world buzzing right now. There's plenty of opinion and speculation to be had right now, and it'll keep on going as we sift our way through the wake of the Braves' decision to fire their manager.

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